2017 Performers


Town Square Stage:


  • The York Street Hustle
    Each week, ten musicians arrive at a former South Philadelphia funeral home where, one by one, they unload their old tube amps and vintage gear. Once inside, the classic sounds of the 1960s are reinvigorated, reenergized and reborn. Legends, like Stevie, Aretha and the Four Tops; lesser-known artists including Donny Hathaway, Arthur Conley and Betty Everett – all are given new life.

    In a few short years the York Street Hustle has gone from filling tiny South Street bars to repeated sell outs of WXPN’s World Cafe Live. Their repertoire now spans over 80 songs including more than a decade worth of Detroit, Memphis and Chicago soul.

    ​ ​

    With grit, sweat, and attention to detail, The York Street Hustle is the Northeast’s premier 10-piece 1960s soul tribute.


         Music reel: https://vimeo.com/152307751

         Website: http://www.yorkstreethustle.com


  • Archawah

    Embarking on a new solo project Bucks County, PA based singer-songwriter Chris Archibald is creating music under the new moniker Archawah, his first endeavor as a solo artist. For Archibald a solo career will be a slight departure from his current stint with the indie-rock eclectics Illinois where he first published his works and has showcased his skills in creating genre rich music from indie-folk-rock to suburban soul for more than a decade. This genre spanning diverseness remains with Archawah for he has an assorted musical palette steeped in indie-rock but he can skillfully take on a wide array of genres with confidence and purpose. Wanting to show the world what it sounds like when Chris Archibald goes it alone Archawah is more than prepared for the opportunity.

          Archawah on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/6VgFd23lHIS60aw7gmI4DQ




  • Steve Guyger Band




2017 Festival Performers

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